Date: 03.06.12
Area: Probate, Wills
For: Indiana, USA

What document would take priority after a person dies, a standing will or a new marriage license?
A couple recently wed and the wife died five days later, without having an updated will. Does the husband have any rights to his wife's estate?
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Answers (2)
Depending on the state the husband may get a share of the wife's estate and may be entitled to the same share as if there was no will at all. Contact an estate planning or probate attorney for more information.

Answered by Evan Guthrie on 08.22.12.


Well, this would depend on the state in which the wife died and the state in which they lived.  In some cases the husband would have some inheritance rights.  You do need to contact an attorney about this issue.  

Answered by Arkady Bukh on 10.27.12.