Date: 09.29.10
Area: Family Law
For: Arizona, USA

Can a person eighteen years years of age under the legal guardianship of her grandparents be removed from her home unwillingly CPS?
I have a granddaughter who is 18 years of age and under her (granparents) legal graudianship.We were told today that she would be removed forom our home in 30 days. This reason being there is too much tensoin in our home. Can this be done when my ex-husband has caused all the problems and has kept her under constand stress. He has gone to her doctor with false accusations and treats. She is confused and wants more freedom, but in the past four weeks she has had three cardiac arrests and four seizures. I am very concerned with her health and to hang out over two hours away I feel is too risky. Now with this treat hanging over her hear she has become even more ill. What can we do to protect her?
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