Date: 09.20.10
Area: Family Law
For: California, USA

How do I file a restraining order against a meddling sister-in-law?
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Disclaimer:  The materials provided below are informational and should not be relied upon as legal advice. 

In order to obtain a civil harassment restraining order in California, you need to show that you are concerned for your saftety because someone is (1) stalking you, (2) harassing you, (3) sexually assaluting you, or (4) threatening you with violence.  If your sister-in-law is committing one or more of the four items listed above, you can file a peition with the Superior Court, have the papers served on the offending party, and prove your case before the judge.   The forms can be obtained from any courthouse, or you can download them by visiting the Superior Court web site.  You should consult your own attorney to protect your legal rights. 

Answered by Robin Mashal on 12.19.10.